Division H Toastmasters

Division H Toastmasters comprises four Areas in North Florida including the counties of Leon, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Suwannee, Lafayette, Columbia and Hamilton.  Each Area has 4-6 clubs, with a total of 20 clubs that are a wonderful mix of community based clubs and business /corporate clubs.Community clubs are open to anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in developing their communication and leadership skills.  Most members of community clubs find a Toastmaster club close to home with meeting days and times that suit them.  Business and corporate clubs on the other hand have a strong business focus and may have a restricted membership to a profession or corporation.  But whether a community club or corporate/business club – every Toastmaster club has the same focus.  To provide a supportive, friendly environment where members can learn through hands-on experience the skills of communication and leadership and have fun while they do it. 

These are vital skills whether you are a teacher, stay-at-home parent, in business or a student.  But they are particularly vital in today’s economic climate where it’s not enough to have just the “hard skills” – the qualifications.  Today’s employers are looking for the “soft skills” as well – the ones that allow you to build a rapport with others, clients and colleagues alike; allow you to communicate your message accurately and allow you to be a leader, one who can create cohesive teams and motivate others.

This is what Toastmasters is all about! You can take as much, or as little, as you like from Toastmasters. 

Are you ready for the challenge?!